Name: Ralph Appearance: Fair hair, Male, Young, Taller than Piggy. Past childhood, Boxers body. Language:  Origins:  Relationships:  Name: Jack Appearance: “tall, thin, and bony: and his hair was red beneath the black cap. His face was crumpled and freckled, and ugly without silliness. Out of this face stared two light blue eyes, frustrated now, and turning, or […]

Question: Describe at least one important object in the written text. Explain why that object was important. Quotes: “just an ignorant, silly little boy” “something you could hunt and kill!” “You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason why it’s no go? Why things are what they are?” “There isn’t anyone […]

Smell, Taste, Feel, Sound When editing remember: – Check me over 2 more times (no distractions) – Using sandpapers as a verb to personify the breeze. THEN: We’d reached the fence line. Metal cross hatched wires held loosely by a rotten wooden post, could’ve easily reached my shoulders but kids like me that have climbed […]

Creative Writing Ideas: – Lake Hawea Forrest – The hospital where I was born – Hawea Neighbourhood – School –  Night and day in Wanaka – Wanaka when first arrived and Wanaka now – My body – Make something random up –

Behind the rusty old castle lies a thick gloomy fog engulfing the landscape with a dystopia. Beneath the bridge the water reflects the darkness of the fog above. Within the eyes of the car driver, fear masks itself from the guards ahead. Around the car Through Inside the gates lies a story yet to be […]

I conjure you by that which you profess— Howe’er you come to know it—answer me. Though you untie the winds and let them fight Against the churches, though the yeasty waves Confound and swallow navigation up, Though bladed corn be lodged and trees blown down, Though castles topple on their warders’ heads, Though palaces and […]

By Pittacus Lore Third book of the “I am four” series The Rise of Nine is the third book in the “I am Four” Series. This series is about an Alien species coming to Earth from the planet, Loren. This planet was destroyed by a rival alien race, Mongorian who have followed them to Earth […]