27th February 2017

Book Report: Rise of Nine

By Pittacus Lore
Third book of the “I am four” series

The Rise of Nine is the third book in the “I am Four” Series. This series is about an Alien species coming to Earth from the planet, Loren. This planet was destroyed by a rival alien race, Mongorian who have followed them to Earth and are hunting them down. This is a war among the shadows of Earth. The only survivors from Loren are 9 alien children and their Cepan. Cepan’s are the protectors of each Loric child. Each of these children are gifted with ‘super powers’ with come from their home planet and develop as they grow older. These children are numbered from 1 – 9 and have to be killed in order otherwise the person who tries to kill them will die.

This book in particular from the series is about…

Brett’s Letter Essay #5: The Rise of Nine

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