27th February 2017

Book Report: Rise of Nine

By Pittacus Lore
Third book of the “I am four” series

“The Fall of Five” is the forth book in the “I am Four” Series written by Pittacus Lore. This series is about an Alien species coming to Earth from the planet, Loren. This planet was destroyed by a rival alien race, Mongorian who have followed them to Earth and are hunting them down. This is a war among the shadows of Earth. The only survivors from Loren are 9 alien children and their Cepan. Cepan’s are the protectors of each Loric child. Each of these children are gifted with ‘super powers’ with come from their home planet and develop as they grow older. These children are numbered from 1 – 9 and have to be killed in order otherwise the person who tries to kill them will die. “The Fall of Five” starts off with Sam and his imprisonment and escape with his Dad and a mongorian called Adam. Sam and his Dad Malcom then meet up with Four and the others at Nines apartment. Ella develops horrible nightmares which she decides to keep to herself. The team meet Five and take him back to base/apartment. After training and planning, Ella and John (Four) go into a coma where they dream of the possible future. While John and Ella are in this state Nine, Eight, Marina, Six and Five go to the island whereby his chest is supposedly hidden and Five turns on the Garde and the fight results in Eight sacrificing himself for Nine. Back at the apartment an attack was launched while John and Ella were in a coma, Ella was captured, John met Adam and Malcom (Sam’s Dad) nearly died.

In the text “The Fall of Five” the idea of fate is shown by the writer Pittacus Lore. The idea of fate is presented throughout the text. The first clear example is when the future death of Eight is unscripted on the wall of an ancient tomb created by beings of supernatural power. Also throughout the text multiple characters get visions of the future. “There’s no set futures, only the one we make.” This quote about set futures goes back on the idea of fate, as a set future is the definition of fate. Although Pittacus Lore actually explains this idea more through fictional supernatural characters and abilities. These characters are the main characters and present this idea of fate in the form of their supernatural visions which the characters themselves don’t even fully understand. These powers of seeing the future and having visions are Pittacus’ way for communicating the idea of fate to the audience.

This idea of fate really gets the mind going. When I think of fate, you ask yourself does you life really just follow some pre-set course or are their multiple versions of our fate and we decide which one of these versions we take or is there no fate at all. More in context is fate included in the book? I mean Eight did end up dying the way the prophecy said he would. The people that wrote his fate must have been able to see the future but is Four do we make our own destiny or is that “prophecy” just one of the possible outcomes and just so happened that the ancient beings got it right? More importantly are we influenced by this same idea of fate?


  • Teamwork
  • Blind obedience
  • Good and Evil

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