13th June 2017

Small Creative Writing Tasks

Behind the rusty old castle lies a thick gloomy fog engulfing the landscape with a dystopia.

Beneath the bridge the water reflects the darkness of the fog above.

Within the eyes of the car driver, fear masks itself from the guards ahead.

Around the car


Inside the gates lies a story yet to be told.


Beyond the horizon, faded buildings and gloomy skies tame the sun.

All hope was lost after the citizens ignored the warning sign.
The Thames finally ran dry after the ecology of the planet collapsed.
All hope would be lost unless the ecology of the planet collapses.
All hope was lost now that the ecology of the planet collapsed.
Now that the ecology of the planet has collpased, all hope has been lost.
Before the ecology of the planet collapsed, the Thames finally ran dry.
If the ecology of the plant collapses, all hope will be lost.
Since the Thames finally ran dry, the ecology of the planet collapsed.

It was a bright cold day in April. The clocks where striking thirteen. Winston Smith wasn’t quick enough to prevent dust from entering with him.
Before Winston Smith slipped quickly through the glass doors or Victory Mansions, he nuzzled his chin into his breast.
If Winston Smith were to slip quickly through the glass doors of Victory Mansion, then sure enough a swirl of gritty dust would attempt to enter with him.

Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight
Item: Spanner
It’s metallic smell engulfs the surface of
Worn lettering holds tight to the centre
The presents of rust

Describes your object in a way that confers on to it s sense of its:

  1. Sensuality
    2. Danger
    3. Ambiguity
    Rust engulf its steel torso, which resembles a slender figure. It’s smell fills the air with a rusty metallic stench, which linkers in the air. A tool to build or to take apart; the misuse of this object could result in the devastation in the collapse of and entire structure. The top and bottom is undistinguishable. Like plain paper an object of no true orientation. The feeling of a warn out grip, hangs tight below the grasp of my hand.
    Make sure you end it with a relief and realisation of what you’ve just talked about.


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