3rd October 2017

Truman Show Movie Review

The movie,“The Truman Show” directed by Peter Weir is about Truman Burbank whereby he is the stars of “The Truman Show”, a 24/7 live TV show which broadcast every aspect of Truman’s life without Truman himself knowing about it. The show started at Truman’s birth and has continued 24/7 from then onwards. Truman lives a fake life. “We’ve become bored of actors giving us phoney emotions, we’re tired of pyrotechnics and special effects. While the world he inhabits is in some respects counterfeit, there is nothing fake about Truman himself. No scripts, no cue cards, it isn’t always Shakespeare but it’s genuine. It’s a life.” These few lines from the being of the movie perfectly summarise Truman’s situation. Later on in the film Truman soon realises through unusual occurrences in “his world” that something isn’t right and through investigating that his entire world is a lie and sets course to escape the set/studio. 

In the film “The Truman Show” the director, Peter Weir he presents the idea of morals. This idea is constantly brought up by actors in the film and even brought up by myself as a viewer, constantly thinking, is it right or is it wrong? This is a very controversial idea as in this day in age human rights has become more important than ever, even in cases where some people like myself would say it is not needed or not needed to a certain extent for specific individuals. This idea is presented through multiple characters who actually fighting their differing idea’s each other, both with valid points. “What right do you have to turn a baby and turn his life into some kind of mockery” Kristof then claims that he has “given Truman a chance to lead a normal life, the world, the place you live in, is the sick place. Seahaven is the way the world should be” In this dispute Kristof and Silvia verbally battle over what is right for Truman and the morals surrounding this issue and truely challenge the viewers opinion of the morals of the story. You can see that Peter Weir has purposely put this dispute in the film to identify the morals of both view points and challenge the audience and also leave the audience to decide their own opinion rather than leaning to one option.

Although in the end of the film I was still lost to what is right and what is wrong. Was it wrong to hold Truman in the studio for his entire life without telling him his realty is fake. Or is it not a bad thing considering he was an unwanted child and probably saved him from a worse fate, or the fact that he is living in a far safer world…etc?


  • No matter how influenced someone is they will always fall back into who they are.
  • Human rights
  • The real world is horrible place
  • Life being controlled
  • Ambition
  • Morals

Personal situations:

  • Challenged my thoughts between what is good and what is bad or inhumain
  • The text influenced me …


  • “Nothing you see on the show is fake, it is merely controlled.”
  • “SAY NO TO THE TRUMAN SHOW” “FREE TRUMAN, RALLY Monday 23rd” “First Truman who’s next? Our children?”
  • “We accept the reality of the world of which we are presented, it’s as simple as that.”
  • “Show me the way to go home. About a him appraised to small town life where we learn that you don’t have to leave home to discover what the world is all about and that no one is poor who has friends”
  • “It feels like the whole world revolves around me somehow”, “A lot of world for one man Truman, sure that’s not wishful thinking. Wishing you made something more of yourself?”
  • They do not care about the separation of father and son, the millions of lies told from the people closest to him and the manipulation he has been put through but only about the ratings and drama.. “1.7 billion were there for his birth. 220 countries tuned in for his first step. The world stood still for that stolen kiss. And as he grew so did the technology. An entire human life recorded on an intricate network of hidden camera’s and broadcasted live and unedited 24 hours a day 7 days a week to an audience around the globe. Coming to you now from Seahaven Island enclosed in the largest studio ever constructed and along with the great wall of china, one of only two man made structures visible from space.
  • “He’s not  a performer, he’s a prisoner”
  • “I am the creator, of a television show that gives hope, joy and inspiration to millions.” he says in response. Truman then asks “Then who am I?”. Christof: “You’re the star” Truman: “Was nothing real?” Christof:“You were real, it’s what made you so good to watch. Listen to me Truman, there is no more truth out there than the world I created, same lies, same deceit. But in my world you have nothing to fear, I know you better than you know yourself. You’re afraid, that’s why you  can’t leave. It’s ok Truman, I understand. I have been watching you your whole life.” “You can’t leave Truman,, you belong here, with me.” Truman: “Incase I don’t see ya,  good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.”

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